Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Marble Restoration: Three Common Causes of Damage on Marble Floorings

Classy, stylish and luxurious— these are words that get traded to describe home interiors lit up by marble stone floors. Marble flooring is one of the most expensive types not only because of its beauty, but also because of its reputation for durability. Unfortunately, though quite durable and long-lasting, even the strongest stone types eventually bear the marks of wear as they age. With proper maintenance and care, however, marble stone flooring can retain its aesthetic value, as well as outlast generations. Know the top three causes of damage to stone flooring, and take steps to see where you can minimize further harm to your floor: 1. Organic stains. Marbles are porous stones and are especially susceptible to staining when unsealed. According to, organic matter like tea, coffee, and animal droppings may leave residues within the stone even when all dirt on the surface have been removed.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Vinegar and Marble Don’t Match: Have Marble Polishing Pros Handle It

A lot of people praise vinegar and its cleaning prowess, at times even being hailed as a “miracle cleaner.” Well, frankly, why wouldn’t it be? It’s all-natural and toxin-free, cheap, and above all, it cleans almost every surface like a charm. Now, the keyword here is almost. It was mentioned because, for all of vinegar’s cleaning charms, there are certain surfaces simply not meant to come into contact with it at any given time. Here are a few of them. Natural Stone Surfaces – Carolyn Forte, Good Housekeeping Research Institute’s resident expert, advocate against using vinegar in cleaning natural stone surfaces, such as marble, due to one reason: the acid in the substance can literally etch natural stone. In addition, vinegar can also cause natural stone surfaces to pit and corrode, according to the Marble Institute. In order to avoid this, cleaning marble is best left to marble polishing professionals or companies, like Brilliant Marble, Inc., which serves the Miami area.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Marble Restoration in Miami: Careful Maintenance of Marble Floors

Marble is a luxurious material that has a beauty all its own when used for a home’s floor. Its unique elegance comes from the crystalline deposits that make up its structure. Because of its origins, it requires great care to preserve its overall appearance and longevity. With proper cleaning, maintenance, and marble restoration by Miami specialists, marble floors will always be in pristine condition. When it comes to cleaning marble, homeowners should remember that acid-based compounds will destroy the material. Thus, specially formulated pH-neutral cleaning solutions should be used. A good way to start cleaning it is by using a clean and dry dust mop sweeper to remove surface dirt; an effective alternative is to use a regular mop with warm water. Once this step is finished, the floor should be dried using a soft towel since any remaining water can seep into the stone and cause stains.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Marble Floors? You Need Miami Marble Polishing Pros to Keep It Shiny

When it comes to flooring materials, marble is close to being considered ‘king of the hill’—it is one of the most lavish and elegant-looking flooring options available. Marble’s inherent beauty has made it a darling of designers, architects, and artists; and has even adorned some of the most luxurious buildings in the world as well. While marble is a wonderful flooring option, it does require a significant amount of TLC. It must be treated on a regular basis so it can keep its magnificence, as it is pretty susceptible to a wide range of damage. If you’re looking to adorn your floors with this stone, you’ll have to run up on your maintenance skills (and probably put professional Miami marble polishing services on speed dial as well).